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Chocolate!? It’s for Easter!

Easter is just around the corner. It is that time again for the Easter bunny, eggs hunts, Easter Vigil, Jewish Passover, and of course, chocolate! The roots of Easter are set in many religions. Whether you are a Pagan, Christian, or Jewish, you can find joy in this holiday. But let’s be honest, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the soul-satisfying chocolate. Hop on over to Carber in Colmar, PA, or order your sweet treat from their website while we dive into the origins of chocolate on Easter.
Roots of Easter

Easter for Pagans is the spring equinox, which is on March 21st. This is the time for love and fertility. It is a celebration of spring and renewal from the dark winter months. Rabbits are the most fertile creature, which is why we have Easter Bunnies.

Easter is the time of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in the Christian religion. Easter marks the end of lent. This practice is 40 days of fasting, prayer, and revelation. The church service that marks the end of lent is the Easter Vigil. Legend believes that the Christians adopted Pagan traditions to make it more welcoming for non-believers.

The Jewish Passover is an eight-day ceremony celebrating the freedom of the Israelites from Egypt. This is when families come together, sing songs, and have lavish meals—one of the main reasons we have a large family gathering for dinner on Easter.

As you can see, all three religions crossover one another. But what about the chocolate? Won’t someone think about the chocolate?
Chocolate Candy in our Baskets and in our Tummy

The most popular chocolate candy on Easter is the chocolate egg. This practice goes back to the Pagan traditions. The egg represents a new beginning, a new life. Chocolate Easter eggs began as painstakingly hollow molds. As these were very hard to create and, frankly, boring, John Cadbury was the first to create a solid chocolate egg. However, it wasn’t until the invention of a separating press that the eggs began to move like hotcakes. This machine made a silky, smooth texture.

As chocolate eggs became popular in Easter traditions, other creations followed. You have solid and hollow items. Bunnies and gold coins are among the popular items. But people like candy bars, shell chocolate, and other delicious treats. Chocolate has been a fantastic filler for plastic Easter eggs and baskets.

Come on down to Carber Chocolates to fill your Easter baskets and eggs! You can shop online at Carber or in-store at 114 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar, PA 18915. There is a sweet indulgence for everyone.

 - Carber Chocolates - Delicious Hand-Made Chocolates - Chocolate!? It’s for Easter!