Handmade Chocolate to Spice up Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Traditionally, cobblers, pies, and cakes make way for Thanksgiving desserts. These treats can get worn out and overly done. Break away from the mundane and jump into the 21st century. Give your family a new, creamy tradition this holiday season with handmade chocolate. Carber Chocolates in Colmar, PA, is a fan favorite throughout the community. They make their handmade chocolates in-house, and you can choose to go to the store or shop online. The online options are for delivery or local pickup.

Dark Chocolate

Between your Thanksgiving courses, cleanse your palate. What does cleansing your palate mean? This method removes fats and residue from your mouth throughout a meal. It makes the next course taste better. Dark chocolate is a fantastic palate cleanser. Carber Chocolates have a variety of homemade chocolate to choose from. You can decide on chocolate-covered fruits or caramel. For an exceptional palate cleanser, pick toasted coconut chocolates or dark chocolate truffles.

Assorted Nuts

After a large Thanksgiving meal, a small dessert may be in order. Handmade chocolate-covered nuts may be your family’s new dessert of choice. You can choose from dark or milk chocolate nut varieties. Carber Chocolates have peanuts or cashew in various forms. These include Cashew Turtle Nuts, handmade Chocolate-covered Cashews, and Toasted Coconut Peanuts. Your family will be in heaven with these tasty treats.

Fresh or Creamy Chocolates

If you are looking for a new dessert that feels like the old, fresh, or creamy handmade chocolates may be right up your alley. Light but satisfying desserts can be the ticket to happiness after a large Thanksgiving meal. Carber Chocolates have a wide variety of creamy as well as fresh handmade chocolates. You can choose from strawberry or cherry handmade chocolates for a fresh end to your dinner. For your creamy sweet tooth, Carber Chocolates have you covered. Several types of caramel handmade chocolates, butter cream chocolates, or an assortment of truffles.

Stop by Carber Chocolates at 114 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar, PA, or visit their website for some scrumptious treats. You can order online for delivery or pickup if you are overly busy this holiday season. Leave your guests with a Thanksgiving to remember with handmade chocolates. Carber Chocolates will not disappoint because they are a local fan favorite. For large orders, allow some time before Thanksgiving!

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