For the Love of Handmade Chocolate Brands

You know that old saying, ‘chocolate makes the world go around?’ No? That isn’t how that saying goes. Well, it should be. Let us start a new trend! Chocolate helps us through the tough times. It brightens our day and is the spice of life through all the holidays. Handmade chocolate brands are the be-all-end-all

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5 Deliciously Creative Chocolate Gifts

Food! Who doesn’t like food as a gift? But what’s better than just any old food? Chocolate! The sweet, succulent treat you can share or hoard all to yourself. Quiet night with a book, or a romantic evening, silky treats are all the rage. Carber Chocolates in Colmar, PA, is your one-stop-shop for delicious hand-made

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Chocolate!? It’s for Easter!

Easter is just around the corner. It is that time again for the Easter bunny, eggs hunts, Easter Vigil, Jewish Passover, and of course, chocolate! The roots of Easter are set in many religions. Whether you are a Pagan, Christian, or Jewish, you can find joy in this holiday. But let’s be honest, Easter wouldn’t

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