Food! Who doesn’t like food as a gift? But what’s better than just any old food? Chocolate! The sweet, succulent treat you can share or hoard all to yourself. Quiet night with a book, or a romantic evening, silky treats are all the rage. Carber Chocolates in Colmar, PA, is your one-stop-shop for delicious hand-made chocolates USA. Boy! We have the sweets for your sweetheart.
Toasted Coconut Peanuts

Toasted coconut peanuts are perfect for that nutty friend in your life. Carber Chocolates create these handmade chocolates. They are high-quality chocolate-covered peanuts smothered with rich toasted coconut. Every bite will leave you wanting more. You can choose between milk/dark chocolate or an assortment of both.
Chocolate-Covered Cherries

Yum! Who doesn’t love cherries coated in milk or dark chocolate? These handmade treats give your loved ones a blast of flavor in each bite. Surprise your significant other with this delicious aphrodisiac. Carber Chocolates dips bright and luscious cherries into rich, creamy chocolate. Then they drizzle the top to add a beauty like no other.
Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Fun fact: Chocolate truffles are similar in size and shape to edible spores, which is why they share the name. Create a fantastic box of milk or dark chocolate truffles to satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth. Carber Chocolates present handmade fresh chocolate truffles. These delicate goodies are soft and moist inside, with a tasty crunch on the outside.
Gooey Rich Caramels

Caramels are smooth, rich, and creamy morsels that melt in your mouth. With vibrant flavors, your loved one’s may horde all the sweetness to themselves. Carber Chocolates have fresh handmade caramel chocolates in three varieties. Peanut, chocolate, or sea salt caramels are divine and will add a pleasant touch of flavor to any gift basket.
Outside the Box Treats

Give that special someone in your life a fresh taste or flare. Sometimes the same old same old isn’t exciting. Carber Chocolates has you covered with extraordinary handmade chocolates. Choose the gift of Moon Crunch Potato Chips. These come in milk or dark chocolate with the satisfying crunch of a salty potato chip. Are you looking for a chocolate gift filled with vibrant colors? Nonpareils are chocolate candy engulfed with colorful sprinkles. Buttercream candies are deliciously mouth-watering. Fill your gift basket with a chocolate or vanilla assortment of buttercream treats.

Stop by 114 Bethlehem Pike in Colmar, PA, or visit our website at Carber Chocolates for devilishly good handmade chocolates. You can shop online or order for pickup/delivery. We treat you like family and bring our best handmade chocolates to your doorstep.